Welcome to Gouron Park Senepol

Welcome to the home of Slick, Cool, Calm cattle!

Gouron Creek Senepol’s website is designed to provide you with the information you need on Senepol cattle at Gouron Creek. Senepol cattle are: slick coated; heat tolerant; have exceptional temperament; are naturally polled; parasite resistant; easy doing; easy calving Bos Taurus, tropical cattle.

You can expect complementarity from cross breeding with Senepol Cattle that is second to none. The unrelatedness of Senepol Cattle to both Bos Indicus and other Bos Taurus breeds will deliver significant levels of heterosis to F1 progeny.

On the following pages you will find information on: Stud Senepol Bulls; Stud Senepol Females; as well as Senepol bulls for sale, and from time to time, females, semen and embryos for sale.

You will always find the latest news on what is happening at Gouron Creek Senepol including field days, Open days and general interest stories.


Latest News

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NT Field Day
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Testimonial on Senepol Feedlot Performance
Anthony (Ed) Wisemantel 24th June 2014   To Whom It May Concern   During the period ...

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