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Gouron Creek Senepol’s website designed to provide customers with information about Senepol cattle at Gouron Creek. Senepol cattle are slick coated; heat tolerant; have exceptional temperament; are naturally polled; parasite resistant; easy going; easy calving Bos Taurus; tropical cattle.
You can expect complementarity from cross breeding with Senepol cattle that is second to none. The unrelatedness of Senepol Cattle to bos Bos Indicus and other Bos Taurus breeds will deliverer significant levels of heterosis to F1 progeny.
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At Gouron Creek Senepol, Our Breeding Philosophy is heavily influenced by Johann Zeeitsman's practical approach that is founded in science: to breed cattle that exhibit early physiological maturity and are able to maintain favourable body condition scores in their environment. The main aim is to produce an animal that has practical fertility that underpins profitability in Australia's Northern Rangeland environment.
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Latest news on what is happening at Gouron Creek Senepol field days, open days and general interest stories. Cows currently in the northwest slopes. Going to migrate and transition to Northern Australia.
This re-positioning is currently underway and will take 12-24 months.
This way they run in that environment, the Savannah environment.
This way they’re “Bred in the north, for the north.

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